If you recieve this error, please check the following:

  1. Make certain that you are running the most recently updated version of Replay Media Catcher. Download from here: http://applian.com/mac/replay-media-catcher/download
  2. Open your Applications folder and make sure that Replay Media Catcher is in the top level of Applications (and not in another folder within it). Assure that Replay Media Catcher is always run from the top level of the Applications folder and not from another location.
  3. Make sure that the Download location that is set in Replay Media Catcher's Preferences is assigned to a place that still exists/has the correct name - ie. if it is designated to save to an external drive that is no longer plugged in or a folder that now has a different name. To double check, re-browse to the preferred download location to make sure it's accurate.