NOTE: This FAQ and the mentioned Cleanup Utility are for OLDER versions of Replay Media Catcher. Do NOT follow this FAQ for versions 4.2.8 or newer.

Note: If error 1001 is followed by the code 2147180503see this FAQ instead.

If you've never had Replay Media Catcher 4 installed on this computer before, skip to step 2.

1. If you're re-installing or updating Replay Media Catcher and you receive an error code 1001, it is probably due to the improper removal of a prior installation or the use of a registry cleaner or 3rd party uninstaller or the manual deletion of Replay Media Catcher's files. You'll need to repair your previous installation and remove it before you can install again.

Download and run the Cleanup Utility for Replay Media Catcher 4. The utility will search your computer for  Replay Media Catcher and determine its version. It will then search our server for the .msi file that matches your installed version, then downloads the .msi into the proper location and performs an uninstall. The process is completely automated. All you need to do is run the utility.

Download the Replay Media Catcher Cleanup Utility This utility does NOT apply to versions 4.2.8 or newer.

Once the utility has finished removing Replay Media Catcher, you should re-boot your computer. You can then download and install the most current version of Replay Media Catcher.

2. If step one did not work, or if you've never had Replay Media Catcher installed on this computer it is likely that a lower level configuration system in Windows is corrupt and requires a repair or reinstallation of the .NET Framework.

This article from the Microsoft Knowledge Base explains how to repair an existing installation of the .NET Framework:

The article above references getting a download of the .NET Framework. You can obtain that from this page:

If you'd prefer to manually remove and then install .NET, here are some instructions:

Once you've followed all of the steps from the article on repairing the .NET framework, re-boot your computer.

Re-install Replay Media Catcher. It should now install properly.