For Replay Media Catcher 5 to begin monitoring for downloads, click the Green START button (the button will then turn red and say STOP).  In the task tray, the RMC icon will start showing a green "scanning" animation if you have appropriate Windows settings enabled.  If you have the Internet and Audio tabs displayed (from the menu, choose View-> Show Internet Tab or Audio Tab), the tab graphic will start glowing blue.
To stop monitoring, press the red STOP button (which will then turn green in preparation for the next time you wish to record). 
  • Ensure you have started monitoring before you watch or listen to media in your browser. Refresh your browser if necessary.
  • If you have watched or listened already then the media may be cached by your browser. Clear your browsers cache and restart your browser.
  • If you are behind a proxy server, please refer to the FAQ How do I capture from behind a proxy server

If still nothing is being captured, please check your antivirus software and firewalls to make sure RMC is allowed to access the internet.  Also, please try using Network Monitor as opposed to WinPcap in Settings->Internet->Monitor. (